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Three performers, a fake spaceship made of MDF, 3D scanning booth, green alien costumes


A collaboration with Zhiwan Cheung and Leah Wulfman, part of Open Engagement 2015

For Open Engagment 2014, an exhibition of public social contextual art in Pittsburgh.  


A public performance/intervention based on an intergalactic version of the US Department of Homeland Security partly inspired by "Men in Black", using 3D scanning technology and a CNC routing.


A mock spaceship was constructed from silver CNC routed MDF and the parts were arranged in a public square.  Throughout the day we performed in green costumes, speaking only the words "Dah" to passerbys, a Freudian reference to the developmental stage.  


Certain participants were invited to be 3D scanned, and we captured their portraits in 360, uploading them to an online database of 3D models.


This performance was meant to alienate participants from technology, themselves, and as a comment on international immigration and the  complexities of globalization.



Samples of 3D scans, click to view.

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