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noun_Home_3132664 (1).png

An installation in the windows of the Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh PA.  

As an undergraduate at Carnegie Tech, Warhol drew (what was thought to be) a rendering of his childhood home.  On display at the museum, this image presents a very different type of Warhol than the style he is most associated with.  As such, it provides a unique view into the nature of his home-life, as no photos exist of the inside of his childhood home.  


Using a high resolution version of this image, I extracted the contents and furniture, and manipulated each image object in Maya to produce extruded 3D models based on the lights and darks of each part.


Using a CNC router, each part was then cut into foam, painted silver, and reconstructed to form a version of the original image in the storefront of the museum.  


To look through Warhol's childhood home into a museum dedicated to him created a proper relation between the origins of ones art and it's ends.  

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