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Overview of recent work

Shot List:

00:01 – 00:11  Introduction by Nao, featuring Little Dog
00:12 – 00:28  The Blue Plate, 2015
3D interactive Leap animation, based on early computer graphics research
Collage of 100+ composited animations in After Effects
Maya modeled hand based on Ed Catmull’s hand, composited animations
Director, narrative, artist, designer, modeler, production design, compositor
After Effects, Maya, Unity
00:29 – 00:43 Ivan Sutherland’s Trojan Cockroach, 2016
3D Virtual Reality game based on Ivan Sutherland’s Computer Graphics research
Walking machine robots modeled, rigged, and set up with A.I. in Unity 
Conceptual design, code, modelling, VR developing for Oculus DK2, production design
Maya, Unity, Oculus
00:44 – 00:55 Prince/Koons, 2:04, 2016
Motion Captured animation using 3D scan of play dough character
Environment composed of Tiltbrush doodles rendered in Maya
Motion Capture direction, motion editing, modelling, rendering, production design
MotionBuilder, Maya, Tiltbrush, After Effects, Structure 3D scanner

00:56 – 00:59  Robot Museum, 2017
VR space/robot museum 
Installation with VR projected environment and immersive dynamics
A virtual/physical space: development, production design
Nao, Boston Dynamics Little Dog, robots, HTC Vive

00:59 – 01:06  The Soft Machine, 2017
Interactive VR space simulation, 2017 
All objects in room are interactive in VR and synced to their real location in space
VR Director, designer, modeler, concept, production design
Unreal, Maya, HTC Vive

01:06 – 01:17  Robot Museum Demo, 2017
Interactive virtual reality robot building environment
Modeling, lighting, production design
Unreal, Maya, HTC Vive

01:18 – 01:33  Voyage to the Moon 2, 2:42, 2015
Motion Capture Character puppeteering
3D scanned motion capture characters, compositing in After Effects, production design
Maya, Motion Capture, MotionBuilder, After Effects
01:34 – 01:40 Virtual Newell/Simon Simulation, 2016
Set design, installation, technical design, 3D printed environment components
01:47 – 01:57  Augmented Reality installation components, documents are image targets
Unity, Augmented Reality, XCode, PhotoScan Pro
01:57 – 02:08  3D scanned version (in production)

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