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Example Sample Box, exterior in the tradition of Shantell Martin
Contains: Handwritten note, candle, yellow rubber band, antique brass and boxwood folding hooked pocket ruler, tangible media robofluid sample, business card, blue and red construction paper

For Member Week 2023, these boxes are a blank canvas. Fill the box with yourself- your research, interests, passions and perspective.
All ML community members are invited to take one box. Put something meaningful inside- communicate to an anonymous, any person- a member!

Bring your box back here (E-14, 3rd Floor Lounge) by April 1st.

From April 2nd-4th, I will place each box in the Media Lab, where Members will be able to discover them as part of "Arts Around The Lab". Member company representatives will take one home, giving you a chance to connect on a personal, artistic level.

If you take a box, please leave your name, email and box number in this 
Google Sheet (or message me on slack!). 

We will document the boxes as part of an archive of the project. 


Inspirations by Joseph Cornell


You are welcome to place whatever you want inside/on/of your box.


Ideally, each box may contain a handwritten note, a 'thank you' written in your voice, imagining you are speaking to a friend or family member, but written to an anonymous member. 

*Please make sure that none of the contents of the boxes are hazardous, nor potentially 'controversial'. 


Example Ideas:

  • Handmade whistle, lasercut crystal, a mathematical equation

  • A letter to your parents, your grandmother's house key, a picture of your childhood home

  • A magnet with a photograph of your favorite place in the world

  • conch shell, book page clipping and pink salt stones in plastic Whitman Dollar container

  • A play doh sculpture, a flash drive of datasets, a 3D print of your face

  • An old diary, a DNA sequence, a picture of your lab, a bobbin

  • A map to where you came from, a picture of yourself in the future

Please direct any questions to me at or via slack!

I hope you are able to participate in creating a pleasant memory for our guests.


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